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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring River Smallies

I had (have) Smallie fever since going to the Yadkin the other day. I had plans to go to a certain Piedmont river 4.17.12 but after checking the gages I decided to drive a little farther. I arrived at the launch site at 4 pm and took out at dark. The water looked perfect and a quick reading showed a temp of 70 degrees. Wow! The Yadkin 2 days ago was only 62 deg. See  http://mackinncblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/smallie-time.html
A goose had a nest in the debris  piled up under a bridge.

The Smallies on the Yadkin last trip would not hit my usual go to lure of a Chartreuse spinnerbait and I had to switch to white. So, on this outing I started off with white.  No hits.  I put the chartreuse spinnerbait back on and the hits came immediately.  The lure of choice today was a Booyah Blade 3/8 oz Chartreuse Spinnerbait. First a little guy.

Then this nice colored Smallie
The big one for the day going 18 inches. She was a fighter.
Not Bad. 2 smallies 18 plus inches in 2 days.
The surprise of the day. I have caught these here but not on a spinnerbait.

I caught ~10 smallies and the lone white bass. All caught on the spinnerbait except 1 smallie on a tube. I had the 18 incher. 2 right at 16 (bad pics) couple at 14 inches and the rest smaller. A very decent 4 hours on the water. Note:  A look at my last smallie outing and  I was not wearing a life jacket last outing. This outing I had my life jacket on from the get go as the water was very swift. Evidently the upstream dam is letting water out. Also, the last outing I was surrounded by 4 other  canoers and yakers and I was alone on this trip. Always use common sense on the water . Tight lines Mack

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Smallie Time on the Yadkin

Jeff (Fishwhisperer) called me Thursday and asked was I up for a Sunday Float (4/15/12) on the Yadkin river for Smallmouth Bass ......I said count me in!....We would be meeting up with Catawba, Mookie and Tread to do this all day float and shuttle.
The day started off cool with a water temp of 58 degrees. I immediately started throwing a Chartreuse Spinnerbait and every once in a while I was using a 3in tube....By midday I had a total of 1 hit.
 Way downriver I ran into Catawba and he was catching them on white grubs.  HMMM ..White?...I ain't the smartest kid but mama didn't raise a dummie either. If they wanted white I would give them white. I immediately cut off my 3/8 ox chartreuse spinnerbait and also downsized. I put a white 1/4 oz spinnerbait on and the hits came right away.  Here is my first smallie of 2012. 
Catawba in his fine 119
Here was a nice site on the river.
Another white spinnerbait smallie
By now the water temp had risen to 62 deg-

A fish that kinda surprised me. She didn't fight that hard at first and I thought I had a 12 incher on but at the sight of my 119 she went ballistic. Last year on another flow I lost a couple of 20 plus inchers but this is my best smallie since 2010 going 18.5 inches.

The lone spot i caugth on the trip. Don't say it. I know I look way goofy in this picture

The bait that saved the day.....

That is Mookie leaning on my canoe. Nice guy. Jeff is in the background laughing because he knows I am particular or is that peculair? or is it both? about my canoes and I was worried it would fall out on the drive back to the put in.

It was great day on the river surrounded by some of North Carolina's best  fishermen. It was nice meeting Tread and Mookie , and to see Catawba again( I had met Catawba a few years Back)..... I am pretty sure everyone caught more than me but I redeemed myself and after switching baits I picked up 7 smallies , 2 going 14, the 18.5 incher and a 13 inch spot....A big thanks to Catawba for doing the shuttle and to Jeff for driving back.......A good time on the water with Great fishermen. Mack

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday Haw River White Bass Fishing

What would I fish for today?....After a little thought I decided to see if I could catch my first white bass of the year, so I headed to The Haw River to get in on the White Bass Run.  I arrived at the ramp at aprox 4 pm and paddled to one of my spots. I immediately caught 1 and she  happened to also be the biggest of the day. She hit a chartreuse grub fished real sloooooowww. The hits were very few and far between. I ended up with ~12 whites for the day  and 5 redbreast and 1 bream.

Boat used - Old Town 158
Lures mainly used- Rooster tail and curly tail grub
Water Temp- 64 deg

Here is the first of the day

Some others

I only caught a few on the curly tail jig. I caught most white bass today  on the red and white Roostertail.
I would of had a very poor day catch wise if I had not had that Roostertail. I also threw a pop r some but only had 2 hits on it. Here is a look at the 2 most productive lures today.

A nice Easter Sunday on the water. Wildlife seen today was a lot of Ducks and Geese, 1 Osprey, 1 Bald Eagle ,and lots of Turtles sunning.  For more White Bass info see  http://mackinncblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/pennys-bend-white-bass-32411.html

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A " Redeye " kinda Day

I Haven't had a lot of time to fish this year so most of my 'trips"have been short trips. Tuesday April the 3rd would be more of the same. I had an Appointment to take care of some of my mothers stuff this am and this evening I had a Lodge meeting so that meant no canoe trip today. 
I started off at first light at a spot where I  have spent many wonderful  mornings. Today I caught 3 bass and lost 2. All on Black Chug Bug.

At 8:30 I had to hit the road for my appointment.  I then  went to a local river in search of some Bass and   Roanoke Bass . I arrived at the pull off at aprox 2 pm and fished till 3 pm.  Very few hits but I did Manage to land a couple of Roanoke Bass  aka  "Redeyes" .                                                              

Today for Roanoke Bass  I used a #2  Mepps Minnow w/  a Silver Blade. Gold  also works great .
For more info on Roanoke Bass in North Carolina and Virginia see  http://mackinncblog.blogspot.com/search/label/Roanoke%20Bass


A Few Hrs on The Haw River

Sunday April the 1st was a busy day and my son wanted to go fishing.  I had the Haw River in mind but after  Hour drive we only had 2 1/2 - 3 hrs to fish but hey!, it beats not fishing.
We arrived at the ramp to dingy and  slightly high water. I gave my son a 6 ft. spinning reel. with a Saros 3000 loaded with 14 lb Fireline and he would be throwing a white spinnerbait. I was using a 7' med rod with an  Abu Garcia 4600 loaded with 12 lb Ande line and also throwing a spinnerbait,  but mine was chartreuse.
We each had about 5 hits and each landed 2. I landed 2 Bass each about 2 lbs and he Landed 1 bass and 1 Bowfin. Not a  great day  as the bites were slow.  Oh, I almost forgot. My last hit was a massive fish which had to be a monster Bowfin by the way she fought. Needless to say I lost her.
Here are a few Pictures.

Haw River Bowfin
Boat and Gear Used-
Coleman Scanoe
Minn Kota Endura 55
Delco Voyager Battery

Thanks Mack