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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why I haven't been fishly lately

Hello to all my 5000 followers....uh,  i mean my 5 followers..lol............anyway,  I havent been fishing in over a month as my mother who had been sick for several years took a turn for the worse back in september and passed away September 24. I just have'nt felt like going even though I have had a few days off. Some things are more important than fishing(never thought I would say that!).   Mom told me the life is for the living not the dead (her words to me  several weeks before  she passed away),  as she did not want anyone to be upset over her passing, so,  I will hopefully be fishing soon and  honor her wish. She will be missed.

I will this winter or early spring plant a Dawn Redwood(very similiar to bald cypress) in her honor and name it the "Mary Lee"  Tree. Hope the beavers dont mess with it or I will have to go on another beaver killing spree.............Mack