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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How to Catch Fall River Bass / Old town 119

Friday, May 24, 2019

Monster Crappie from North Carolina Lake

Monster North Carolina Crappie

Sunday May 5th 2019   - YouTube Video of trip at the bottom. 
Jordan Lake North Carolina
6-8 PM

Lure-  Kalins Acid Rain Grub     Get it Here                https://amzn.to/2K472CK

Scent Used - Crappie.com 's   G- Sauce  Get it  Here  https://amzn.to/2YL2FjP

Frabill Ez Crappie Check'R Measuring Tool                https://amzn.to/2YPYDXI

I Have not Crappie Fished much this year due to all of the high water here in North Carolina.  NC has had the most rainfall on record in 2018 and the start of this year has seen lots of rainfall as well. 

   Most of my spring spots have been way too deep as the high water had the Crappie spawning in different places.   Well, the lake I like to fish finally got back down to near normal so I decided to go hit one of my crappie spots.  I knew or thought I may not catch a lot as the spawn is over but I figured I could catch a few at this shallow spot.      A few it was!  I only caught 3 with 2 being small but this Black Crappie would not even fit into the Frabill EZ  Crappie checker.   The fish measured 15 inches and was THICK.   I owe catching this fish to the the best  crappie grub out there ( Kalins Acid Rain) and G Sauce from Crappie.com
 ( see links above to get both ).   Not a great day as far as numbers are concerned but I will take a Monster Crappie any day. 

Here is the Big one of the day.  I am 6'3" with Big Hands

Here are the new scents from Crappie.com I have been using with success.   
See links at the top to get them

Make sure to Watch the video to see how I work the Kalin Grub and scent. 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fishing with Live Goldfish for Crappie !!! - Crappie Fishing from th...

March 9th, 2019
Crappie Fishing with Goldfish
Location- Central North Carolina Creek
Time -   3-5 Pm
Rod-  7' Abu Super7 Med action
Reel - Okuma  Stratus SGT30
Line- 10 lb Trilene
Hook- #4 Gold wire hook with a split shot
above and 2' under a cork

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^^ The reason for going with the  outfit listed above is I wanted a longer length to help control the drift and bigger line than I normally use as there are some nice channel cats in this stream that I thought I may luck into one of those.

I have always fished with goldfish but it has always been while I was fishing for Catfish and those were with big Goldfish.   Those big goldfish work fantastic on catfish so I have always thought smaller ones would work  great on Crappie.  This has been a goal of mine to do this and today I made it happen.

I stopped and my local Pet store and got 20 feeder goldfish  for $4.29.  I kept these in a minnow bucket aerated with a Baby Bubbles which does a great Job.     You can see how awesome they work in the video but I had a hit on all 20 Goldfish! It was a great couple hours on the water and I will be sure to do this again on a nearby lake so stay tuned for that !!

Here is a Picture and then my YouTube video


Sunday, March 3, 2019

First Shad of 2019 !! Shad Fishing on the Neuse River

March 2nd, 2019
Weather  60 plus degrees, Water Temp 55 deg
River Flow  aprox 13,000 CFM Normal for this time of year is 4,000CFM

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My wife and I along with our Dog Pete Hit a side channel off of the Neuse after some Shad on their spring spawning run.   We got there at Aprox 2 and fished until 6 pm.  The action was slow but fun as we caught what we were after.  The best Lures used were 1/8oz Pink headed Jigs and 2 inch white grubs rigged in tandem.   I think I landed 5 which I am Happy with.

 Since the water was high from recent rains we were fishing this side creek off of the Neuse River which is also called Village Creek.  The High water will send some of the fish up this creek so it is usually a good spot during high flows.

 Below on the map this spot is pinned as Shad spot #1.    You fish  right off of the bridge , just make sure to watch out for traffic as Most of the traffic goes slow when people are fishing but some don't slow down so use this at your own risk.  Also, be careful with your casts as there are plenty of trees that will "take" your lures. Today at peak time there was apox 15-20 people fishing off of this bridge.

I would recommend you use at least  at least 10 lb line since you are lifting the  shad up the bridge but we did "get by" with 6 lb on a couple of rods but we did not catch any big ones today.  6 lb line is not going to lift a good one up.

Here is My dog Pete that loves to fish.  My wife snapped this picture after I said "fish on"  and he has to see it.

This is a video of this trip.  Please watch and enjoy and please subscribe to my You tube channel and follow me on Instagram.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How to Restore Headlights the Best and Easiest Way using Wipe New headl...

Hello Everyone!!!! Not fishing related but you need to be able to see where you drive to get to your fishing spots!!

This really works and you can see the before and after pictures near the end.

To Order Click Here   https://amzn.to/2EaqtWY

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Rare Black Carp Caught at Smith Mountain Lake - Virginia Carp Fishing

Smith Mountain Lake Virginia
Virginia Carp Fishing
Dates  October 13th and 14th 2018
Water Temp  64.5 degrees
Water depth  10'

My wife and I spent the weekend at Virginia's Smith Mountain Lake so I did some Carp fishing while I was there.  The first day I had only 3 hours or so to fish as we had to go out to eat and be back in time to see the UNC vs Va Tech Game.    The game for me did not go as well as the fishing.

It was a productive Saturday session with 4 Carp Brought to the dock with one of those being a Black Carp.  A first for me.
The first fish came within 15 minutes and the other 3 were spread out on this outing.  I had not pre-baited this spot so I thought that was a pretty good session.   However, I did know I had a good chance to fish Sunday so I did bait this area so my Sunday session would hopefully be better or have bigger fish. This "baiting" consisted of throwing out 1 can of corn and 1 can or cream corn.

Sundays session was only 1.5 hours but but I did catch the biggest of the trip and had 2 other "runs"
All of these fish were caught in 10 ft of water on the outfits listed at the bottom.  A big thanks to my wife for patiently waiting in the car while it lightly rained for most of this session.

The Highlight of the day was when we left the lake a Big ole Fox Squirrel ran across the road in front of us.   

My You Tube Video of this will be posted below near the bottom.  Please subscribe to my blog and You Tube Channel for more Posts.  

Here are my 2 outfits I used on this trip, All fish were caught on the Shimano 3500 Baitrunner, I don't know why all came on this outfit other than I was casting each to the same spots which were about 30 feet apart from each other.  This reel is matched to a 8' Ugly Stik and spooled with 16 lb High Vis Momoi Line

This is the other outfit, a Daiwa Millionaire 6000 on a 7' Ugly Stik Lite rod also spooled with 16 lb Hi Vis Momoi Line

Both of these are in Driftmaster Rod holders and DriftMaster Clamp mounts

The rig I use is a 1 oz weight ( more if windy) and a very  short length of 25 lb or 30 lb flouro leader and a # 1 Gamagatsu Octopus hook

Here are my baits and attractants.....I left one out as I can't give away all of my secrets. LOL

These mixed with Oats makes this pack bait along with 4 - 5 kernels of corn.

Here is the small but Unique Black Carp

The Biggest of the weekend

Now the Video,  Don't forget to subscribe and ask any questions as I try to answer all of them.

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Virginia carp fishing
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How to Catch Bowfin

How to Catch Bowfin

Bowfin are a fish most fishermen  either love or hate.    Bass anglers despise them because they can really just destroy a spinner bait or a plug but I think most Bass anglers just are not used to unhooking them which can be daunting to some especially since they have teeth.

What's not to like about them??   They get Big,  they fight hard,  they sometimes jump,  they are fairly easy to catch once you figure them out and they are tackle busters.  Come under gunned and they will leave you with your head hanging.  A True Sportfish they are.

So where do you find Bowfin?  Check out the map below.  2/3rds of the Eastern US is Prime Bowfin habitat.
What surprises me about this map is how little Bowfin range in Texas.    I actually feel sorry for people who live outside of where Bowfin Range !

Here is a map courtesy of usgs.gov
Anywhere they range you need to look for the backwaters or sluggish areas  and especially areas with lots of weed growth.   For example on my home lake of Jordan lake here in North Carolina they are all over the lake but less common on main lake points and areas w/o cover.   To find an abundance of them you need to go to backs of coves  where it is shallower and /or weedier.  To find a bigger abundance of them find a creek with  a beaver pond on it just above the lake.

I caught my first ever Bowfin  way back in 1982 on the then New Jordan Lake when  she was only a 1yr old lake. This 4 lb bowfin smashed a chartreuse Snagless Sally I was throwing for bass and I was forever hooked.   Now, some years my fishing for them wanes while I pursue other species but I always keep coming back to the incredible Bowfin.   I have caught them up to near 14 lbs but most are going to be 4-7 lbs with a occasional 8-10 lber thrown in.

One  place I fish for them is the Neuse River in Eastern N.C.   Down there it is a medium sized river that has some Cypress trees but to get into the really good bowfin water there you need to go into a feeder creek that is full of Cypress trees and back water areas,  Here the Bowfin is King.

So, remember backwaters, sluggish areas, beaverponds, etc.

Some days you can even see Bowfin gulping air  as they can breath air so if you see them doing this just know you are in a good spot.

So what kind of tackle do you use for Bowfins?    Any reel that can be used for Bass fishing can be used for Bowfins but usually I go a little heavier.  If I am truely Bowfin fishing I use at least 50 lb braid or 20 lb mono.

Tactics-  Bait or Lures

 Bait-   The best way to catch Bowfin  is to put a piece of cutbait on a Carolina rig using a 2 oz sinker and a 3-4/0 Gamagatsu J hook.   The next  best way is to float a minnow, shiner or very small bream 1-2 ' under a cork.

Lures-  IMO the best lure for Bowfins are a 3/8 oz spinnerbait with tandem blades black in color. Chartreuse and white work also. Always use a trailer hook and this is a Bowfin getter for sure.   Other good lures are a Chartreuse Snagless Sally,   Floating Yellow Worms ( Haw River Tackle Floating Worms are the best ) and Pink Senkos Wacky Rigged.    Truth be known they will hit any bass lure but the ones listed are the best IMHO.


              Also Note the Fish Gripper in every picture .  This is a MUST when targeting Bowfins

Here are a few videos I have on Bowfin on my YOUTUBE Channel

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