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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Big Carp Smackdown

Went Carpin yesterday (4/09/2017)  after work from  4-7 pm with my wife Cindy. Caught 10~ carp and 4 or 5 channel cats in about 3 hours with most of the action coming in hours 2-3.   It was  Good day with a few big ones being landed. I had one really big run that I lost , the hook pulling out for some reason.   The outing started slow but once they started coming in it was on.  We Had 2 doubles on as well. 

We were set up on a small point on a local lake using sweetcorn for bait. See below.   The carp in this lake really luv sweetcorn and I have only had 1 day there in the last year where i have not caught a carp.  Hopefully this trend will continue and  will have more post to do in the future on this spot.

Bait- Sweetcorn with secret packbait on weight.
Reels used- 2 shimano 3500 Baitrunners , 1 on 8' ugly stik and the other on 7 ft Ugly Stik Tiger-  Daiwa Millionaire II 5000M on Abu 7' rod
Line 16lb Momoi.

Here are a few pictures.

Thanks for looking.

White Bass Action 3/29/2017


I made a quick trip after White bass  before a meeting at work.  My plan was to walk a tributary of a local lake and throw 3 lures.  A Shallow Shad Rap 5 ( SSR5), a Rebel Tracdown and a Roadrunner.
I caught 1 on the SSR5 and then lost the 2 I had. OUCH! There went 14 bucks.
I then threw the roadrunner and caught 1.  Switched to the Rebel and I caught 3 or 4 on it.    Ended up with 5 or 6 in an hour .  Not great numbers but it was a good morning with fish caught.

Here is a video I posted on YouTube on this trip.  Subscribe to my YT channel and also follow this Blog.

Thanks, Mack

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

First Shad of 2017

March 21st 2017
Location-  Roanoke River   Weldon, NC
Air Temps-  70's
Water Temp- 57
Lures- Tandem jigs

Tuesday March 21st Pete and I hit the Roanoke River in search of my first shad of the year.   The water is extremely low at   2250 cfm.     I caught aprox 25 Hickory Shad.  Most came on Pink headed Jigs with White bodies but I think 1 came on Chartreuse.   Some days they like a particular color and today it was White.   You should always carry White,  Chartreuse and Pink as you can never predict what color is hot. 

Here are a few Pictures

I spent approximately  4 hours on the water with 25~ caught.   This is not really a good number as on a good day in 4 hours you sometimes can catch double that but I am happy with 25~.

Here is a video I posted on You Tube on this trip.   Please subscribe to it and follow this blog if you haven't already.

Thanks for watching.     Mack and Pete 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Good Crappie Trip

March 7, 2017

I went back out to one of my Fishing holes and fished for 45 mins for bass with no Hits. I only had 1 1/2 hrs so I devoted the last 45 minutes to Crappie fishing.  It was a good thing I brought a Crappie outfit as the Bass were not biting. I caught 10~ Crappie, 2 bream and 1 tiny bass in 45 mins.

I also recently purchased a Frabil E-Z Check "R" and several of these crappie would not even fit into it! That is a good problem to have.

It was a short trip but a good one.   All Crappie caught on a Roadrunner head with a Charlie Brewers Chartreuse grub with multi colored flakes in 2-5' of water .    Here are a few pics.

I also did a video on this which can be seen at  link below.  If you have not followed my blog please do and please subscribe to my you tube channel.   I know I sound like a hick but what you see is what you get.  I hopefully will be cranking out a lot more videos this spring.   I hope to have some nice carp, catfish, white bass, Bowfin and small stream fishing videos  online soon

Click this link for the Video   Crappie Video
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Slab Crappie were Hitting Today

The plan today(2/25/17) was to take one of my canoes out for some Crappie and Bass fishing with my wife but due to an employee not showing I had to go in and work, thus getting home around 430 or so ad too late to take the canoe out.
We decided to load up some gear and hit a spot I thought may be holding a few crappie. We fished for about 1.5 hours and the action was constant with only a handful being small. 90 percent of em were slabs and all were Black crappie.

We used 2 outfits for the Crappie. 1 rod had a 1/16 oz monks Chartreuse  head with a slider grub and the other had a small cork and spaced 2 ft apart was a 1/16 oz tube jig head with white Berkeley micro power tube.

It was a fun time with a few bream also caught and a couple of small but fat bass caught. We probably could have caught some nice bass and we even had a big bass attack the cork.

The fishing was so good I think I may could of Got Nat's Dad on his first Crappie...

 We could of had a nice fish fry but all were released to fight again.

My Wife with a nice Black Crappie caught on a Berkeley Power tube under a cork

Me with a couple

Here you can see the Slider grub that we used today.  This was one of the few small ones we caught


Went Back today with Mark B. to my Crappie spot. I was afraid the  bite maybe gone since last nights freezing temps and I was right. We decided to make a move down the lake to another set of riprap and throw Rat l traps and spots on the Sunny side of the Riprap. In about an hour we each caught maybe 5 bass on the lipless cranks.  Mark used a 1/4 oz trap and I used a 1/2 ounce Cordell Spot.  Not a monster I am posting but heard from others it was a tough bite today so we were happy with 10~ Bass. We also got to see a nice sunset so it was an awesome day.

Thanks for looking.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Berry Hill Plantation

I thought  I would blog on something different this time.  I spent this past  weekend with my wife at Berry Hill Plantation Just outside of South Boston Virginia.  Now, I will not go into all of what they have to do there as google is your friend ,  but some of the pictures I post you probably will not find on the internet.

Berry Hill Mansion

There is a 100~ room Motel just to the right of the Mansion but the way it is landscaped and the hill off to the side you would never know it is there.

This is the old rock wall surrounding the Mansion.

An old Rock building.  This was one of the Slave Quarters. This is way back behind the Mansion on the trail to the Dan River

The trail that goes from the House to the river  then  meets up with The Tobacco Heritage Trail . You can walk from the Mansion or ride a bike but warning! It is uphill all the way back to the Mansion.   The Tobacco Heritage trail is only partially complete and part of it dead ends just up the river from Berry Hill.

This view is from the end of the Tobacco Heritage Trail looking east and the picnic  table seen in the 2nd picture down is in sight in this picture.

 This view is looking west (upstream) ,  the end of the Tobacco Heritage Trail is in the picture.


  This view is looking upstream
Look at the tree I walked up on! This Tree is Between the Trail and the river within sight of the dead end.  This is the biggest tree I have seen in a looooooooog time. What is so amazing is that  this tree stays the same diameter to at least 70 feet up.   It is either a Red or Black oak but I can't tell for sure without seeing a leaf from it.

Oh, If you happen upon this tree and have some insight as to what kind of Oak it is please post a comment. 

A view of one of the Fields behind Berry Hill . The Dan River is maybe 200 yards behind where I stood to take this picture.
Here is a map I made from Google earth and it shows the Mansion, Slave quarters, and the Big Tree

Oh, and don't forget to visit Darby's Tavern while you are there. 
Thanks for Looking Mack

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

My First Carp of the Year

Tuesday February 7th, 2017
Time:  10am-2pm
Air Temp- 70 degrees
Water Temp- 54 degrees
2 Shimano 3500 Baitrunners , 1 on an 8' Ugly Stik
The other on a 7' Ugly Tiger Rod.  Line was 16 Momoi Hi-vis
on one and 15 lb Big Game on the other.

Carp Rig-

This is my "normal" Carp Rig which is a 1 oz sinker, swivel, and just a few inches of 30lb Fluorocarbon attached to a Gamakasu hook.  The packbait on the sinker is Oatmeal(Brown Sugar and Maple) mixed with cream corn to which Vanilla flavoring has been added to.   Then I put 4-5 pieces of whole kernel corn on a #1 Gamakatsu Octopus hook.

Its has been a long while since I have caught a carp(October?)  and though now is Shad and Striper season I needed to stay close to home today so I made a decision to hit up my favorite Carp spot and try for a few. Now, I luv  to Carp fish but in previous years it was a summer thing when more glamorous species where either hard to catch or I was just tired of catching them.  If I was succesfull today it would be the earliest I have caught one.

I set up at 10am and after a few minutes I catch a 2~ Channel Cat.   Not a bad start but I wanted something bigger.   30 minutes later and I get a big hit.   I can tell this is probably a 15 plus pounder and after a few minutes the hook pulls out!!   30 minutes later and I catch another 2 plus lb channel cat.    Back to waiting and a short while later I get another big run.  Good fight, strong fish and as I get it near the hook pulls out again!!  What! am I cursed today?   I cast out again and another short wait and another good run.   I  battle this strong fish for 5 minutes and get in my first Carp of the year.
Now, this one wasn't as big as the first two runs but a very nice fish.  I have  a video of the landing that I will try to post soon.    

Thanks for looking, Mack

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hickory Shad at Weldon were on Fire Today - 3/22/16

 Had the day off and my son was also on Spring break so I asked him did he want to go catch some shad. He said "sure". WOW!  He  is 19 and his priorities are school, girls, friends, girls, and did I say girls? and not necessarily in that order. So I was surprised and happy he chose to go shad fishing.

We didn't leave town until 2 so I only had 2 choices. The Tar near Rocky Mount or Weldon. I chose Weldon. I looked at usgs.gov and they had the flow listed at 10,500 cfm. I then looked at Dominion Powers release schedule and it was supposed to stay at that for at least 2 more days. We got there the water was muddy!  Crap!  I like mud for Bass fishing but not Shad fishing. I actually thought about heading south to the Tar but something told me to stay. We were fishing by 3:45 and the first Shad came to hand on the first or second cast. We caught too many to count. We fished 5 or so spots and all produced fish. when the action slowed on one spot we drifted down 50 yds or so, anchored and the action repeated.

We Never Left Sight of the Ramp.  When  action slowed we moved up or down no farther than a long cast and the action picked right back up.

All hits came on White 2 inch Berkely Powerbait grubs on a 1/8 oz Pink Jig head. It was a great few hours on the water with my son.

You can see how I tie the above rig at -

We finished the day off by stopping at Ralph's BBQ where one of my sister in laws works at,  so we got to see her and eat some great food.

An awesome ending to a great day of fishing.