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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Match the Hatch for BIG Bass !


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

White Bass Spawning Run 2020 Part 1

Monday, April 20, 2020

Scotland Neck Boat Ramp

Scotland Neck Boat Ramp (Edwards Ferry Access Area)
Halifax County North Carolina

I am going to start posting more info on ramps on this blog.
Here is the one I have been meaning to do for a while. 

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This Ramp on the Roanoke River  is located In the Eastern part of Halifax county along the Roanoke River just a few miles north of Scotland neck.  This ramp gets the most use during the Rockfish spring spawning run(March, April May) and Some use during
 Shad season (late Feb , March, early April),  and the rest of year it is mainly used for Catfishing and some panfishing. 

Fish found in here may be too many to post but here it goes.   Largemouth bass, Rockfish, Longnose Gar, Bowfin,  Carp, Bluegill, Crappie, ShellCracker, Blue catfish (big ones), Flathead Catfish, Channel Catfish,  White Shad(seasonal), Hickory Shad(seasonal).

Google maps view

The Parking lot has ample room

The Boat ramp itself is very nice and one thing about it is the current doesn't affect your loading and unloading as much as the Weldon Ramp. 

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NCWRC boat ramps

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Friday, May 24, 2019

Monster Crappie from North Carolina Lake

Monster North Carolina Crappie

Sunday May 5th 2019   - YouTube Video of trip at the bottom. 
Jordan Lake North Carolina
6-8 PM

Lure-  Kalins Acid Rain Grub     Get it Here                https://amzn.to/2K472CK

Scent Used - Crappie.com 's   G- Sauce  Get it  Here  https://amzn.to/2YL2FjP

Frabill Ez Crappie Check'R Measuring Tool                https://amzn.to/2YPYDXI

I Have not Crappie Fished much this year due to all of the high water here in North Carolina.  NC has had the most rainfall on record in 2018 and the start of this year has seen lots of rainfall as well. 

   Most of my spring spots have been way too deep as the high water had the Crappie spawning in different places.   Well, the lake I like to fish finally got back down to near normal so I decided to go hit one of my crappie spots.  I knew or thought I may not catch a lot as the spawn is over but I figured I could catch a few at this shallow spot.      A few it was!  I only caught 3 with 2 being small but this Black Crappie would not even fit into the Frabill EZ  Crappie checker.   The fish measured 15 inches and was THICK.   I owe catching this fish to the the best  crappie grub out there ( Kalins Acid Rain) and G Sauce from Crappie.com
 ( see links above to get both ).   Not a great day as far as numbers are concerned but I will take a Monster Crappie any day. 

Here is the Big one of the day.  I am 6'3" with Big Hands

Here are the new scents from Crappie.com I have been using with success.   
See links at the top to get them

Make sure to Watch the video to see how I work the Kalin Grub and scent. 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fishing with Live Goldfish for Crappie !!! - Crappie Fishing from th...

March 9th, 2019
Crappie Fishing with Goldfish
Location- Central North Carolina Creek
Time -   3-5 Pm
Rod-  7' Abu Super7 Med action
Reel - Okuma  Stratus SGT30
Line- 10 lb Trilene
Hook- #4 Gold wire hook with a split shot
above and 2' under a cork

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^^ The reason for going with the  outfit listed above is I wanted a longer length to help control the drift and bigger line than I normally use as there are some nice channel cats in this stream that I thought I may luck into one of those.

I have always fished with goldfish but it has always been while I was fishing for Catfish and those were with big Goldfish.   Those big goldfish work fantastic on catfish so I have always thought smaller ones would work  great on Crappie.  This has been a goal of mine to do this and today I made it happen.

I stopped and my local Pet store and got 20 feeder goldfish  for $4.29.  I kept these in a minnow bucket aerated with a Baby Bubbles which does a great Job.     You can see how awesome they work in the video but I had a hit on all 20 Goldfish! It was a great couple hours on the water and I will be sure to do this again on a nearby lake so stay tuned for that !!

Here is a Picture and then my YouTube video


Sunday, March 3, 2019

First Shad of 2019 !! Shad Fishing on the Neuse River

March 2nd, 2019
Weather  60 plus degrees, Water Temp 55 deg
River Flow  aprox 13,000 CFM Normal for this time of year is 4,000CFM

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My wife and I along with our Dog Pete Hit a side channel off of the Neuse after some Shad on their spring spawning run.   We got there at Aprox 2 and fished until 6 pm.  The action was slow but fun as we caught what we were after.  The best Lures used were 1/8oz Pink headed Jigs and 2 inch white grubs rigged in tandem.   I think I landed 5 which I am Happy with.

 Since the water was high from recent rains we were fishing this side creek off of the Neuse River which is also called Village Creek.  The High water will send some of the fish up this creek so it is usually a good spot during high flows.

 Below on the map this spot is pinned as Shad spot #1.    You fish  right off of the bridge , just make sure to watch out for traffic as Most of the traffic goes slow when people are fishing but some don't slow down so use this at your own risk.  Also, be careful with your casts as there are plenty of trees that will "take" your lures. Today at peak time there was apox 15-20 people fishing off of this bridge.

I would recommend you use at least  at least 10 lb line since you are lifting the  shad up the bridge but we did "get by" with 6 lb on a couple of rods but we did not catch any big ones today.  6 lb line is not going to lift a good one up.

Here is My dog Pete that loves to fish.  My wife snapped this picture after I said "fish on"  and he has to see it.

This is a video of this trip.  Please watch and enjoy and please subscribe to my You tube channel and follow me on Instagram.

Thanks for reading and watching!!